Sports short courses in PSC’s latest project


LEARNING never stops.

It is at the center of the latest Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) project dubbed MAKE It Sports.

MAKE (Modules for Asynchronous Knowledge Enhancement) It Sports is designed to provide information on different topics in everyday life, touching on the boundaries of sports like law, medicine, economics, and technology, among others.

It is a module-based, asynchronous learning opportunity for various sports stakeholders.

The project picks up from the many topics discussed during the National Sports Summit and will feature invited speakers.

The PSC said participants in MAKE It Sports can learn at their own pace and time and may apply for certification by getting the exam.

Courses will be given exclusively to registered learners for the first three months, after which the courses will be uploaded to the PSC’s website for public access. Registration for the program starts on Friday.

“Learning never stops. For some of our athletes, studies gave way to their training, but learning should never stop. We must find a way,” said PSC Chairman William Ramirez in highlighting their thrust for the program.

The first module to be released will deal with Sports Law, to be discussed by sports law-for-all advocate and Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation President Alberto Agra. To be offered as well this month are courses on Arbitration in Sports and Netball. — MASM

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