Business groups want to see a well-organized elections, ‘clear’ results in 2022


BUSINESS groups want to see a well-organized election next year, with adjustments made in proceedings in consideration of the coronavirus pandemic, and are hoping for a ‘clear’ result that would give the country’s new leader an indisputable mandate.

Rizalina G. Mantaring, Management Association of the Philippines National Issues Committee co-chair, said changes should be made to have a successful election in 2022.

“A lot of our election processes are intended for normal times and they have to be changed for the pandemic times. There is a potential to create super spreader events when people are voting because even in a normal election, we see long lines,” Ms. Mantaring said in a webinar of the Economic Journalists Association of the Philippines on Thursday.

Makati Business Club Executive Director Coco Alcuaz, Jr., for his part, said the main concern for the group is for the election to be clear and clean.

“Hopefully, the elections in 2022 is similar to the last two (presidential) elections where the margin of the winning candidate was clear, so that whoever is the new president has a relatively clear mandate to proceed,” Mr. Alcuaz said.

Meanwhile, Megaworld Hotels Group General Manager Cleofe C. Albiso said the company is optimistic that the election season will help local hotels and the tourism sector.

“We are looking at being able to capture hybrid meetings like what we are doing now. Whether it is an online or hybrid meeting, there will still be requirements for food. We are optimistic that the election season will help the hotel industry and tourism industry,” Ms. Albiso said.

“We also wish for the government to provide more creative ways to resolve vaccination resistance, to fast-track vaccinations for minors, and to allow calibrated and cautious transition to easing travel and other industry restrictions,” she added. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave

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